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Weusd a Herz hast wia a Bergwerk, Download <br>(K.: R. Fendrich)
Weusd a Herz hast wia a Bergwerk, Download
(K.: R. Fendrich)

8,50 €
Special information
Here you can find information to the following topics:

Information about the producers

Almost all playbacks that you can order in this shop have been recorded by the pianist Bernhard Kämmerling. However, if a title is not recorded by him you can find the information regarding the producer in the description of the title.
The original artist stated on the right side of the title is only a guide (in the style of) and has nothing to do with the recording of the title. You can find the name of the composer in the description beneath the title.
The playbacks are only recorded with the piano and no other instruments. (Exception: Melodies, if available). Therefore, the sound differs a lot from the stated original especially from pop titles. The feeling of the playback, however, stays true to the original as much as possible. The sound of the playback comes from a Sound-Plugin with many Gigabytes of samples. It is almost impossible to hear the difference between it and a concert piano.
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Original key/Original tempo

The stated original key and tempo is according to the original artist if he or she is stated. This is not the case for Jazzstandards, because there are often many "Originals". Then the key and twmpo refers to the ones from the recording. The demos show pitch and tempo of the "Original".
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International spelling for the keys H and B and Bb

The key name "H" as it is used in Germany refers to the "B" as it is called internationally (the names of the notes internationally match the alphabet from A to G). This causes a problem since the note 1/2 step below H in Germany (the black key on the piano) is also called "B". The international name of that key is "Bb" (B flat). To avoid any confusion, we use the German "H" on the one hand and the international "Bb", so that the ambivalent "B" is not being used.
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Sound quality when changing tempo and key

The sound quality of the piano does not suffer when you order a different key or tempo.
All available tones from the piano have been saved in many volumes on the high-quality piano plugin. The MIDI information are transposed and then loaded from the harddrive in the respective pitch.
However, there are a few limitations regarding the available keys since certain chords or bass lines would not sound good when too high or too low.
This is different for some melodies that have been recorded live and instrumental. Here, changes in transposition and speed are only possible with a software that "converts" the music. A violin, for example, sounds more like a viola at a lower level. At a significantly higher level, this can cause the so-called "Mickeymouse-Effect", where the instrument does not really sound natural anymore.
Nevertheless such a recording can be helpful when learnig a song.
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Die Seele ruht in Jesu Händen, BWV 127 <br>(K.: J.S. Bach)
for the moment, I paied with paypal and I cannot read and do ..
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