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s ewige Lem<br> (K: Claudia Koreck)
s ewige Lem
(K: Claudia Koreck)

8,50 €
Your purchase
Here you can read what steps are necessary in order to successfully execute your order (contract) or how you can cancel the process.

  • How to place an order
  • Choose titles
  • Room for your wishes
  • Playbacks for download
  • Shopping cart
  • Quantity discount
  • Purchasing process
  • - Checkout
    - Entering the payment method
    - Place an order/corrections
  • Place order via telephone

  • Ways to place an order:

    The easiest way to place an order is via the shopping cart and check out of the online shop by using an email.
    However, it is also possible to place an order by phone or fax. Further down, you can find a deatailed description of the process
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    Choose items:

    You can find an overview of all available titles in the infobox "Available Playbacks" on the left side (or at the top). There, the titles are sorted either according to their style or from A-Z.
    If you are looking for a certain title or artist, you can use the box "Quick search" (magnifying glass) and will immediately see all the information and whether the title is available.
    What you can do if you do not find what you are looking for is explained in the category "Special wishes" in the box on the upper left side.

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    Input options for your wishes:

    There are multiple choices, once you have found the title you were looking for:

    1. Change of tempo:
    Usually, the tempo that is used here is the original tempo of the recording of the artist who is stated in the brackets next to the title of the song. The number refers to beats per minute and refers, unless otherwise stated, to the quarter note. Do not change anything here if you want the Playback at original tempo.
    However, you can also change the tempo. With some titles, the chosen number will be added or deducted from the original tempo. With other titles, you can see concrete tempo suggestions. If you want the tempo to be at a number you can not set by using this method, please activate "according to order comment". Then you have to state the name of the title and desired tempo in the respective box during the check-out process.
    For each change of tempo there will be an additional charge (usually 1,50 €) .
    Some pieces have a "recommended tempo" preset. Then you can change to the original speed without any additional costs or, as decribed above, choose between changes for which we will charge the above mentioned price.
    The additional costs of changing the speed are displayed directly next to the box and will be added to the price of the Playback automatically.

    Available keys:
    The original key for the song is usually preset (however, some pieces are available in multiple keys) If you want a different key, click on the arrow and choose one of the displayed options. Under "Special wishes" you can find what to do if your desired key is not available.

    Mode of shipping
    Here, you can choose the mode of shipping for your order. If you order at least one title on CD (only possible to a shipping adress in germany), the mode of shipping "CD-Shipping" (with additional costs) will automatically be preset during the check out process. The other modes of shipping are without any additional costs.
    It is possible to order items for different modes of shipping in one order at once. Each item will be send in the respective mode of shipping.
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    Playbacks for Download:

    Most titles are available for the direct download as a mp3-file. If you want to purchase a playback for this shipping method, you have to select the title on the product page with ", download" in its title. On those pages you find a red item picture instead of a blue one.
    The titles can be downloaded immediately up to 50 times when paying with PayPal and within the year after placing the order once payment has been succesfully received.
    You have to be logged in to download the title and click on "Your account". Then, click "view" next to your order(s). Scroll down to "Download items" and click the playback title you want.
    Each title that is available for downloading has a link to a second item page where you find further keys and changed tempo which is only available on CD or by Email shipping.
    It is possible to order titles for download as well as CD and Email shipping in one single order.
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    Shopping cart:

    When you have selected a suitable song, click "Add to cart". This way the song will be added to the cart. You can access your cart by clicking the button "Cart" in the upper right side and are able to proceed to the check out area from there.
    Furthermore, it is also possible to remove items from the shopping cart. In order to do so, check the box "Remove" on the left side of the respective item and click "Update".
    When you want to order the items in the cart please click "Checkout".
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    Quantity discount:

    You will be automatically granted a quantity discount when you order more items.
    It amounts from a Playback-Total sum of (without shipping costs and CD's of the artists) 13 €: 10%, from 30 €: 20% and from 45 €: 25% !
    Unfortunately we are not able to grant a discount on the CD's of the artists or on the shipping costs.These sums do not contribute to the discount sum.
    The discounts can cause the total sum to be below the discount limit. Only the sum of the normal prices for the playbacks is relevant for the discounts.
    Your discount will only be shown as a price deduction in the checkout area.
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    The order process:

    The order process will start when you click on "Checkout". However, you are still able to change or cancel the order.

    1. Checkout
    Here, you can check your shipping address and correct it, if necessary.
    The mode of shipping is preset according to your order.It is not possible to change it here. To change the mode of shipping you have to delete the items from the cart and select them again.
    At the bottom of the page, you find a space where are able to let us know about your wishes. You can also use the box for sending us a message. Or use our email adress pianoplaybacks.com .
    After you have set everything on this page, click "Continue".

    2. Payment method
    Here you can check the billing address and correct it if necessary.
    Please select the desired payment method. You can choose between "Payment in advance" and "PayPal". If you want to pay via direct debit or Credit card please select "PayPal" as well (You do not need a PayPal account).

    When paying via Payment in advance you will receive an order confirmation via email with an account number where you can transfer the payment. Furthermore, the confirmation email comes with a link to print out your invoice. This will be send to you when you have ordered a CD and you will also get a printed invoice with your order.
    Please be aware that when you use payment in advance that we can only send your order when we have received the payment

    For paying with PayPal, you'll need a PayPal account, which you can create for free when you select this payment option. You will get more information when you are on the respectice site. Since the payment process is rather fast with PayPal, we can send your order rather quickly as well. When you chose PayPal as a payment method and you have ordered titles for shipping by download you will be able to download them immediately.

    Direct debit payment und Credit card payment are also possible when you choose PayPal as an payment method. You do not need a PayPal account. When you are on the PayPal page please click "Create new account". There you will find the option of paying as a guest without having to create an account. The amount will be transfered immediately to the shop and downloads will be available as well.

    3. Place an order/ Correct order
    On the page "Payment method" you can click on the button "Continue" and you will be forwarded to the page "Place order".
    Here you can correct your order, if necessary.
    Your order is also listed under "Items" i. Click "edit" and you will be redirected to the "Shopping cart". There you can correct your order an proceed to the check out area. Your messages in the "Notes/Comments" box will be saved and will be visible again once you have reached the "Payment method" step.
    All other data can be edited in a similar way.
    When you are certain that all your data is correct and you have read the "Terms and conditions" please check the box next to the notice.
    Now click "Place order", then your order will be sent via email and you will immediately receive a confirmation email. Your order is only legally binding when we have received the payment.
    Your order will then be shipped as fast as possible, normally within one day. On rare ocassions the delivery can take up to five or days.
    To the top

    Order via telephone:

    You can also place your order via telephone when you donot want to order on the internet. (Tel.-Nr.: 0049-2202-2684333) . Since we do not have regular business hours, you can place your order on the answering machine when you can not reach us. Please provide us with your name, address and if possible a phone number should we have any questions, as well as all details regarding your desired titles.
    When your order has been successfullyou will receive our Terms and Conditions and an invoice via email or mail, whichever option you chose. When everything is correct, you have to settle the invoice to the stated account, then the contract is binding. You will receive your CD via mail when you do not provided an email address for the playbacks to be send to or the playbacks were ordered for download..
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Die Seele ruht in Jesu Händen, BWV 127 <br>(K.: J.S. Bach)
for the moment, I paied with paypal and I cannot read and do ..
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